Law Firm Billing – New Features

There is a new trend in law firm billing: functionality to check compliance with a client’s outside counsel guidelines.

As law firm ebilling professionals can attest, it is virtually impossible to remember all of a client’s billing requirements, especially when law departments that don’t require ebilling also issue billing guidelines.

This new feature allows firms to capture quantifiable client requirements so that the system can validate line items at the point of entry for compliance. The idea is to mimic the functionality provided in law department ebilling systems that test time entries so that law firms are more likely to submit a compliant invoice on their first submission.

While the structure and composition of a time or expense entry is the focus of many rules, others look at the invoice structure and other aspects (like rates and budgets) which are not available to the law firm at the point of time entry.

Nonetheless, this is a great new feature that law firms should look for when shopping for tools.

New Publication Available on M&A UTBMS Codes

Aileen Leventon and Jenny Anne Horst-Martz kindly provided me with a pre-release copy of their new publication, “Best Practices for Using Uniform Task-Based Management System Codes for Merger & Acquisition Transactions” that should be available in September for purchase.

The book, which runs 44 pages, does a great job of explaining when the M&A Codes should be used.  As far as I am aware, this is the first publication that provides this level of detail behind any of the code sets available for use by law firm in their ebilling submissions.

New Law Firm LEDES Creation/Editing Tool

I saw a demo yesterday of the new BILR tool offered by LSG as either a standalone system or as part of their law firm portal functionality.  The simple-to-use system allows for uploading templates or spreadsheets and converts the information into editable LEDES 98B or LEDES Ebilling XML 2.1 files.  Use the “Get In Touch” feature on their web site for more information.

By the way, the features in their law firm portal are excellent!  Hats off to a company that recognizes that law firms need to be served too.

LOC Survey to Support Disrupting EB Status Quo Campaign

The LEDES Oversight Committee has launched a survey to identify ebilling issues as part of our “Disrupting the Ebilling Status Quo” campaign started last August. Our plan is to identify issues that can be “fixed” by the LOC. Follow-up may include: offering training programs; possibly retiring or updating existing standards or creating new standards; and writing about best practices and best of breed features to create demand for better solutions. For more information on the survey and our Disrupting the Ebilling Status Quo campaign, please go to

It’s LegalTech Time Again

It’s time again for Legal Tech, this year January 31st through February 2nd at the New York Hilton.  GLE will again be at the show, with Jane A. Bennitt scheduled to host the LEDES Oversight Committee annual member’s meeting that Tuesday morning at 9:00.

The show either is being rebranded or is affiliating with the name LegalWeek, which will be difficult for most of us veterans who have attended since the beginning of the conference to commit to memory.

See you at the conference!