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ILTA Summer Conference, August 2023

The LEDES Oversight Committee is exhibiting again this year at ILTACon, look for us at booth #2005.
In addition, I will be speaking at a session on Monday Aug. 21st at 11:00 in Southern Hemisphere IV Ballroom for the LOC entitled “The Future of Legal Ebilling.” We are using the opportunity to discuss the LEDES API, version 2 of which is very close to posting for public comment and then ratification, as well as the testing platform that LOC is putting in place for 5 years to test API connections from Law Firm systems (sending invoices and other collateral, providing info (like rates), requesting information (like rate approval status), etc.) and from the ebilling vendor systems (to receive invoice files and other supported information, to reply back with information requested, or to acknowledge receipt information uploaded to their system).
As soon as this version of the API is ratified, our attention will turn to completing the API test platform, which we are offering to test the API connections made by both law firm systems and ebilling vendor systems. The platform will be available for a period of five years at significant cost to the organization. Our intention is to see that the API is developed as we intend, and operationally standard across vendor systems.
Imagine, a standard that is actually standard!
Lots going on that really could change legal ebilling as we know it today. If you can’t join us at the session, stop by our booth. And if you’re not at the conference, consider joining the LOC to support our financial commitment to this project. Membership is only $95 per year.

See you at ILTA’s Educational Conference

It is with great joy that we announce a return to the ILTA Educational Conference, 22 – 25 August, 2022. ILTA was the first supporter of the LEDES Oversight Committee and finally, as the pandemic moves into endemic phase, we will be back this year in August.

Conference participants can find the LOC in booth #534, with GLE founder and LOC President, Jane Bennitt, and Nadia Strobbia, LOC Secretary and Thomson Reuters powerhouse, on-site.

In addition, we will have a hospitality room on Tuesday, 23 August where we will be hosting:
– 11:30 – 12:300 – the LEDES Oversight Committee mid-year members’ meeting
– 1:30 – 2:30 – Open forum discussion on Ebilling Issues and Best Practices. This session is a continuation of a discussion started by our London Regional Group, and the discussion will lead to a Best Practices White Paper on for Law Departments and Insurance organizations looking to implement legal ebilling.

Both events will also be held via webinar for participation by LOC global members not at the conference.

In addition to the above, GLE Founder Jane A. Bennitt will participate in session #1714: Leveraging Technology to Manage Outside Counsel Guidelines, to be held on Wednesday, 24 August 2022 from 2:30 – 3:30. Co-participants include Scott Springer from HBR Consulting and Mark Agin from Shearman & Sterling.

New Risk Management System at ILTA

At the ILTA Conference I saw a product worthy of mention.  Called Prevalent,  it is a risk management solution which provides information on the security of systems that may be used by any organization.  They offer a couple of different models:  one, where an organization can be a regular subscriber and receive information on the security or breeches of systems used or under consideration or, two, where an organization undergoing a system selection can obtain information on the few systems under consideration.

As a legal technology consultant, I see value in an offering like this.  Particularly when undertaking a systems selection, an organization is able to receive unbiased information on the security of systems under consideration.  Sure, you can ask questions on the security of a platform in an RFP, but all too often RFP respondents answer the question they want to answer, not necessarily the question asked.  As we move into an age were security is a greater concern than ever before, an offering like Prevalent is well timed for success.

GLE Founder to Speak at ILTACon 2016

Global Legal Ebilling founder Jane A. Bennitt will be at the ILTA Educational Conference at the end of August and will chair two session on Thursday September 1st:  the LEDES Oversight Committee Members Meeting, which will be held from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m., and Why UTBMS Codes Aren’t a Waste of Time:  A Panel Discussion, which will be held from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.  We look forward to seeing you at ILTACon!