Law Firm Ebilling Services

Today many law firms are overwhelmed by the volume of client requests to ebill, the number of systems they are required to use, and their client’s requirements, customizations and ancillary processes which impact the firm’s ability to successfully submit an invoice.

  • In many cases, the back-office system simply is a stumbling block where ebilling is concerned and needs to be replaced
  • Many need to tools to generate, edit or test LEDES invoice files
  • The billing/ebilling workflow may require optimization, and this is a great time to incorporate best practices
  • There may be training issues, often because of staff changes
  • Sometimes the ebilling requirement is so heavy that having a tool to administer the ebilling function can not only ease the staffing requirement but also increase the firm’s realization rate

Frequently law firms wait until something cataclysmic occurs before contacting GLE for help and this can have a disastrous impact on the firm’s cash flow.

Global Legal Ebilling offers services to law firms focused on optimizing the firm’s ability to meet their rigorous client demands associated with ebilling.  We can:

  • Review and optimize billing and ebilling workflows and incorporate best practices
  • Create a synopsis of client requirements documents
  • Provide training for ebilling staff
  • Function as temporary first tier support for invoice upload, submission and rejection issues while your staff become more familiar with the process
  • Assist with selecting a new system for
    • LEDES invoice generation/editing/testing
    • Ebilling administration
    • Back office accounting needs
  • Provide guidance on global requirements associated with legal electronic invoicing

Global Legal Ebilling has years of experience participating in industry thought leadership associated with legal ebilling.  Use our knowledge to your advantage.