ELM Services For Law Departments

Matter Management and Ebilling Services

Once thought of as discrete systems, matter management and ebilling today are features typically available through the same interface and vendor system.  Should a legal organization choose, it is still possible to integrate the discrete functionality from different vendors, but this occurs less frequently today than ever before.

There is an art to selecting, designing
and rolling out Enterprise Legal
Management solutions

Requirements Gathering – Before considering upgrading or changing an ELM system, it is necessary to understand corporate goals and information needs that could be accommodated with the right system, how the organization currently manages information, manual systems employed to overcome information deficiencies, best practices and workflow upgrades that could drive a more efficient process and whether use of current ELM technology should be expanded within the organization.  GLE can work with any size organization to identify their high-level requirements prior to a system selection.
Global Requirements – For global organizations, an important part of requirements gathering is to determine the global requirements that apply based on countries where the company has operations and payment centers, as well as where outside counsel are located and provide services.  Just as important, does the company recoup VAT where possible, or does the company require Withholding Tax?  These discussions and very careful planning during system design result in not only a compliant system but can result in significant tax savings for the corporation by the law department.  As our name implies, this is GLE’s area of specialty!
System Selection – Systems today are so vanilla that it is virtually impossible for a layman to distinguish the differences.  GLE understands the differences and will help select the right solution for an organization’s needs.  Just as important, sales speak can be extremely confusing — GLE will make sure that no misunderstandings occur.  GLE is able to manage the system selection process, including managing the RFP process, quantifying results, coordinating vendor demos, facilitating the system selection and provide guidance during contract negotiations.
Data Gathering – First-time implementers of matter management and ebilling face an enormous task with collecting and populating base data necessary to turn the system on.  GLE is able to manage this project and marshal the internal (and sometimes external!) resources handling this important task.
Data Quality Reviews – The biggest failure when implementing a new system is often the quality of data present when the system is turned on.  Whether replacing existing systems or creating a new solution, GLE will lead your team through vigorous data quality review to ensure that data quality is not an issue in your new system.
Global Design Considerations – Organizations with global considerations (a multi-country corporate structure or using law firms located outside of their home country) will benefit from GLE’s experience in designing a globally compliant solution that supports your tax needs.
Outside Counsel Guidelines Services – GLE is a noted expert in crafting and updating meaningful, concise Outside Counsel Guideline documents.  It is appalling how poorly written most of these documents are, but that won’t be the case when you work with GLE.
Training Programs – Whether drafting training documents, training SMEs or conducting local training programs, GLE will assist with this important component of success.
System Rollout – Planning and implementing a system rollout is an involved process.  From the dawn of the discipline, GLE’s founder has worked on dozens of rollouts and will guide your organization successfully through this phase.
Law Firm On-Boarding Assistance – GLE is even able to provide on-boarding assistance for law firms through their first successful submission and payment of an invoice.  For global rollouts, many legal organizations simply do not have staff on-hand with the experience to handle this task.