Global Ebilling Advisory Research Services

For years GLE’s founder has been collecting and organizing information on the global rules and requirements associated with legal ebilling.  Research includes information on data composition, required elements, workflows and processes associated with electronic invoicing including mandated systems required by tax authorities in certain countries, as well as requirements associated with data privacy, protection, storage, archiving and accessibility.  GLE is similarly able to provide information on tax types and rates that apply to global legal invoices.  This information is available to GLE clients through our Global Advisory Research Services offering.

This information is used to create an ebilling system that complies with the applicable global requirements in countries where an organization is located, does business, utilizes outside counsel and receives legal services.

Global advisory research services provided by GLE are limited to the extent that information has been published in a timely manner and is publicly available.  Often the information available is limited by language barriers.  Considering these limitations, the fact that each country generally has individualized requirements, the layers that must be sifted through for potential requirements and the ever-changing nature of this information, GLE’s global advisory research offering is indeed a very special service.