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About tools that can be used to administer the ebilling function at law firms

New Law Firm Ebilling Compliance Tool

A new tool has been released by Smart Time Apps called EBillReady that is designed to perform pre-invoice submission validation.  By increasing the accuracy of first time invoice submissions the tool helps to create a more efficient and less costly workflow.

The cloud-based system allows for creating validation tests based on client outside counsel guidelines and, by importing a LEDES file, will identify issues and provide a means to easily edit the ebill.  To learn more go to their web site.

New Ebilling Administration and LEDES Generation Tools

In the last few months I have heard about quite a few new products for law firms to create LEDES invoice files or to administer ebilling.  Halleluiah!  We need more alternatives to generate the more complex LEDES formats and to make ebilling administration within the law firm more efficient.  What am I talking about?

Over the summer I learned about Kestrel’s eBillingFlow, a tool for law firms to create, track and report on ebills.  Looks like a great solution to help administer ebilling.

BillBlast is another ebilling administration tool that looks fabulous and offers back analytics to the law firm.  The product development team has actual experience with client requirements and the lack of technology for law firm billers to deliver and manage ebills efficiently.

TyMetrix will soon release a rebranded version of the old LEDESense program that they purchased a couple years back, now called eBillingDesk.  The program facilitates the creation of the more complex LEDES invoice formats and is a great invoice editing tool.  I was fortunate to get an advanced peek at the tool and liked what I saw.