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See You At Legal Tech!

GLE founder Jane Bennitt will attend Legal Tech in February.

On Tuesday 3 Feb Jane will speak at an ILTA-track session with current LEDES Oversight Committee President Cathi Collins.  The session will be an open forum where the audience is encouraged to speak about what is right or wrong with ebilling today.  Our intent is to frankly discuss ebilling, see if there are projects that should be undertaken by the LOC, and to set priorities.  The session will be held at 12:30 in the Mercury Ballroom.

The LOC annual members meeting is on Wednesday 4 Feb and is open to the general public, not just LOC members.

Other than these commitments, we are setting up meetings during the show.  As a rule, Legal Tech meetings are free, so take advantage of this opportunity to talk with GLE about your issues, concerns and needs.  See you there!

Update from The Association of Cost Lawyers

The Association of Cost Lawyers has released an update on the status of the Jackson Project that includes a recap of the steps undertaken by the project team to create an electronic form bill of costs data exchange standard.  They indicate that testing will begin in March followed by an industry consultation stage, and expect final approval some time in June or July of this year.

I want to commend my LEDES Oversight Committee colleague David Nelson for his great work PM’ing the work of the project team.